About Jules & BING!  

A full-service embroidery shop, Jules & BING! is the place where beautiful embroidery and personalized memories meet.  

Here at Jules & BING! we know that when you embroider something, it becomes personal, unique, and special. With a wide variety of possibilities, from monograms to favorite quotes, each one creates a memory that will last forever.  We are passionate about making these moments special, capturing them beautifully, and turning them into your stories.   

Owner, Julena Bingaman, daughter of lifelong entrepreneurs, has always dreamed of opening her own store.  Her enthusiasm for making every moment special, owning her own business, and her love of people has all come together in Jules & BING!  She knows that embroidering a monogram, name, or birth date is more than just about stitching, it's about creating something special that will last a lifetime... and beyond.  

Visit Julena today; she always has a fun idea for any occasion, including parties, special gifts, or simply making your favorite items look fresh and new.  Located in beautiful, downtown Mariemont, Jules & BING! is situated in the newly renovated area of the Shops of the Mariemont Strand, steps away from Starbucks. 

It's All About Family

Jules & BING! is truly a family affair.  Julena is supported by her husband, Tim, and their three children, Julianna, Mary, and Wolfgang.  The name of the shop reflects just how important family is.  Jules is Julena and Julianna;  BING! is for Bingaman, Tim and Wolfgang; and the ampersand, or the & symbol, is for Mary, their middle daughter— “the one holding them all together.” 

Family is the most important thing to Julena.  You can trust her to have a creative idea, help you find the perfect gift, and weave beautiful memories that your own family will cherish forever… one stitch at a time.